Welcum to Hashing in Portland, OR!

The Portland Humpin' Hash House Harriers want to make sure your hash trip to Portland is as great as it can be.  So here is some information for visitors, transplants and anyone new to hashing in Portland, OR.

Detrails?  Where are they? - They usually get posted on Monday.  The trail is often near the city and not starting more than 5 miles from the epicenter of the city.

I need a ride! - Great.  We love providing hashpitality.  If you are a member of the Oregon Hasher's FB group, post there.  If not, feel free to contact Mismanagement or email the ongeek (Clownmydia)

Do you run in shiggy? - YES!  Always be prepared for shiggy.

How late do you run? - Till around 10pm, give or take.

I can't make Wednesday - Your loss... but do not fret!  We have other great kennels in Portland.  The basic schedule in Portland, OR is as follows:

Monday - Kahuna H3
Tuesday - Beaver H3 (every other week)
Wednesday - Portland H4 (this kennel)
Thursday - No Name H3 or Stumptown H3 (yes, we have 2 on one night - note Stumptown is RSVP only)
Friday - TGIF (not a hash, just drinking and socializing)
Saturday - Oregon H3 (2nd & 4th Saturday of the month)

Ball Buster H3 - Monthly Run, it changes. (monthly)
Dead Whores H3 - Bimbos only, usually the 3rd weekend of the month
PFFT H3 - Family friendly hash, it changes (monthly)
OBGYN - Bash, it changes (monthly)

Where can I find all this easy to ready?