Notification: MWH3 #8 10 Dix With Wings @ Thu Nov 9, 2017 8am - 9am (PH4 Hash Calendar)

MWH3 #8 10 Dix With Wings

Who? 10 Dix with Wings

What? Morning Wood Hash House Harriers #8

Where? George's. 5501 N Interstate Ave

When? Thursday, November 10th. Meet at 1030, hare off at 11ish.

Why? Because those of us that work in the evenings need to drink, too. Also,because there will be shots that taste like pancakes and syrup.

Also, your hare hasn't really hashed since GDR last year and can't remember the last time she this can only go well.  

Thu Nov 9, 2017 8am – 9am Pacific Time
Video call
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Hare Raiser - creator

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