Notification: EXIT 69 Hash!! @ Sat Jul 1, 2017 9am - 10am (PH4 Hash Calendar)

EXIT 69 Hash!!

Exit 69 Hash (Round 1- Round 2 in September)

Hares: I Blow and Facial
Hash Cash: $5 for day trippers and a potluck item
Time: Saturday July 1, 12pm, hares off at 2pm.
Hound Friendly? Yes, just not in the house, pick up yer dog shit, bring a leash.
Kid Friendly? No (too many hazards on property)
Bring: Potluck item, vessel, forks and dishes, sunscreen, towel (group showers available) snake boots, rattlesnake roasting sticks, tick repellent, Technu, a drawl, and lame jokes.

Crash space? Yes! (Saturday night) Bring your camping needs. Bring enough food and drink (or $ towards more) to get you through the night and morning. We are not planning extra food for afterwards or breakfast. Pick up booze/food in Portland or Hood River (there is no store in Mosier or stop lights for that matter). We are not planning too much sobriety, so beer runs to Hood River are unlikely.

I-84 West to Exit 69. Get off on Exit 69.
Clean up your mess, if indeed a mess was made in the process of getting off.
Turn Right over the bridge over the RR tracks.
Follow the road around to the left as it passes the trailer park and the school.
Turn Right on Washington. (Just past the giant butterfly on the right.)
Turn Left onto 3rd.
Turn Right up Husky. (It's just past a large retaining wall topped with a chain link fence.)
Go up the hill.
Turn Right onto Granite Dr.
We're the first house on the left. 960 Quartz Dr., Mosier
Green doublewide with a polebarn and a roundpen.

DO NOT PARK IN THE TALL GRASS, You'll likely start a fire which will consume your car and possibly my neighborhood. Please do not drive over the small concrete square in the front yard just off the deck. You'll likely end up with one of your vehicle's wheels falling through and dangling over our septic tank.

Eating Out in Mosier:
Rack and Cloth is open 12-close Sat-Sun
Amazing farm-to-table pizza. Cider, beer, wine. They sell growlers of their award winning cider.

Sat Jul 1, 2017 9am – 10am Pacific Time
Video call
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