Notification: TGIF Featured Thing: Murica! @ Fri Jul 3, 2015 11am - 12pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

TGIF Featured Thing: Murica!

Friday before the 4th of July and it is going to be fucking hot so why not go to a bar and drink some beer?

Where: Mad Sons Pub - Southeast Madison Street

When: happy hour goes from 3pm - pm! $1 off food, wells and drafts. People usually don't arrive until 6 but most people will have the day off and many people will be at events all over the fucking state. Your guess is as good as mine for attendance. Feel free to post in the bookface and let people know when and if you plan on attending.

Because it has a patio!
Because it has air conditioning! (not on aforementioned patio)
Because it has beer!
Because they were super creative with their name since the former name was Madisons!
Because you know you wanna!
Because you didn't sign up for Hooper Hill!
Because you didn't sign up for EH3 or Seattle's campout!
Because I love this song:

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Fri Jul 3, 2015 11am – 12pm Pacific Time
Mad Sons Pub, 1109 Southeast Madison Street, Portland, OR 97214, United States (map)
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