Notification: TGIF Featured Hasher: Scrotum Rotor and his Birthday! @ Fri Jun 5, 2015 4pm - 11pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

TGIF Featured Hasher: Scrotum Rotor and his Birthday!

“Some wankers get excited to show their stuff at a dick check. Each wanker has their own style and sometimes there are bimbos who take note so when you do the meat helicopter regularly at dick check and hashers notice. To compound the situation you admit that in the army you practiced your moves in the open showers. After dodging names for almost a year the top two came to Penis Propeller or Scrotum Rotor. Thank you Bee Fuck! I now have a name which cannot be mistaken or rhymed with any decent words.”
- Scrotum Rotor

Where: 2805 SE 103rd Ave, Portland OR, 97266 (Private home, don't be too much of a dick!)

When: Just show up, he will be spinning my dick in circles all day.

What to Bring: Dish to share and camp gear if you plan to stay the night.

Scrotum Rotor turns another year wrinkled on this day and invites us all to see if his new neighborhood can put up with half mind hashers. There will be kegs, a fire pit, BBQ, and a drunken stumble to the top of Kelly Butte. Please bring a dish and people may camp in the back yard if they don't want to drive. New faces and well behaved dogs are always a plus. Kegorator will be flowing in the late afternoon only to be finished and replaced by a second keg. (That is 31 gallons of beer)

PS - The wanker has invited us to weird out any of his nonhashing friends!

Fri Jun 5, 2015 4pm – 11pm Pacific Time
Video call
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