Reminder: PH4 #712 Little Prick in the Bottom @ Wed Nov 5, 2014 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

PH4 #712 Little Prick in the Bottom

Who? Bottom Dollar and JALP

Where? New Cathay 16184 SE 82nd Dr.

When? About a half hour before 6.9 o'clock

What? A-A'

Bring? 5 of your earth moneys, Wetsuit, a device for consuming beverages, battle chickens, new shoe ( just one), protection for your fleshy appendages (all of them), virgins, VESSEL, night vision apparatus. Dry clothing highly suggested as well as a vessel.

Leave? Strollers, animals that can't levitate or are not said battle chickens and any adverse thoughts to being wet and/or wounded.

Why? Because aliens???

Wed Nov 5, 2014 6:30pm – 10pm Pacific Time
PH4 Hash Calendar
Hare Raiser - creator

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