Reminder: Ph4 #707 Nana, I Got a MaxiPad @ Wed Oct 1, 2014 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

Ph4 #707 Nana, I Got a MaxiPad

PH4 #707 MaxiPad and Nana I got a Banana

When? Wednesday, October 1st. Meet up at 6:30, hare off at 7, pack gets off sometime after.

Where? Blasted Ballsack slough country. At the dead end of NE Riverside Parkway. The nearest address is 18990 NE Riverside Parkway. It's a chip factory. Keep going East on Riverside until is stops.

Bring? 5 dollar hash cash. Headlamps. Your cousin from Louisiana who knows a thing about swamps and swamp critters. Your cousin that youre currently banging. Your slippery wet virgins.Your Nana I got a Bananas. There's a 0.69% chance you'll get slightly damp so a dry change of at least socks and shoes might be nice.

Leave? Your babies, your bikes, your non-adventure dogs, and your sniveling at home.

On-After? TBT, probably the folds of you cousins sweet sweet titties.

Wed Oct 1, 2014 6:30pm – 10pm Pacific Time
PH4 Hash Calendar
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