Reminder: PH4 #706 Scent of Phormaldahyde @ Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

PH4 #706 Scent of a Man & Phormaldahyde I'd Ride
PH4 #706 Scent of Formaldehyde
Wednesday, September 24

Who: Scent of a Man and Formaldehyde I'd Ride
Where: Sellwood Park
7951 SE 7th ave, 97202
(PARK IN SURROUNDING BLOCKS, signs say parking lot closes at dusk)
What: A-A' to get wet and dirty. Adventure dogs- sure. Babies and creepers with stroller fetishes- leave at home (the strollers, not the fetishists).
When: Meetup at 6:30, Hares off at 7pm

••••THERE WILL BE 'CC' (Clothing Change) MARKS ON TRAIL••••

•$5 Hash Cash (Personal burial money)
•Toe tags to check into the morgue
•Warm Dry Medical Gowns (Dry clothes) for religion
•Dead bodies for Formaldehyde
•Cryostasis chambers to keep the dead bodies in until religion
•Shiny new scented shoes
•Shiggy probing gloves
•Virgin sacrifices (dead or alive)
•More Headlamps. DARKNESS IS COMING. (We'll bring the formaldehyde)

Why: Formaldehyde and Scent wanted an excuse to get you all sweaty and drunk as they exhaust your bodies. Also, the last CC-marked trail where Shoots ended up in a pink sports bra was too great not to repeat.
Don't bother trying to catch Formaldehyde and take her pants, she'll probably already be naked anyway
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