Reminder: PH4 #690 Your PH4 Mismanagement @ Wed Jun 4, 2014 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

PH4 #690 Your PH4 Mismanagement

Bimbos and Wankers! Welcum to the 690th running of the Portland Humpin' Hash House Harriers!! There will be shiggy! Everyone gets to play the roll of an Eagle!!

Who: Your PH4 Mismanagement, but mostly Can't Finish and Poke Her Face.

When: Circle jerk starts at 6.09 O'Cock. Hare is away at 6.90 O'Cock-ish

Where: The Virgin Katie O'Briens 2809 NE Sandy Blvd.

What to bring to this A-A' trail: $5 hash cash, a vessel, your toga, a map of Mt. tabor, new shoes in case your forget to bring a vessel, your phone so we can all constantly update the FB page, your endurance and a thirst for beer.

If you need dErections, call MaxiPad @ (503) 875-2901. Also, Clownmydia is offering free oral to anyone that is hlooking in his general dErection.

On-After at no longer a virgin Katie O'Briens

Wed Jun 4, 2014 6:30pm – 10pm Pacific Time
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