Reminder: PH4 #658 - Trunk Monkee @ Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

PH4 #658 - Trunk Monkee

The Infection Begins… Cum try to survive the night, if you can…

ZOMBIFIED HARES: Trunk Monkee, Naughty Girl, Fourgasm, Beheaded, Grab My Handlebars, Cousin Fucker & Ultra Twatathon (and all the seven deadly sins we'll represent…)

WHEN: 10/23/13, Meet up @ 6:30pm, Pack Survivors off @ 7:15pm, Zombie Hares in hot pursuit 15 minutes later…

BRING: $5 hash cash, headlamps, vessels, new lightening fast shoes in which to run for your life!, sacrificial virgins to pass off to the zombies & your Best Survival Gear

START: The Soccer Field down the hill from the Elephant House Picnic Shelter within Washington Park (with all the ghosts of the Zoo's initial location, back in 1887…).

TRAIL: The trail will be laid by the living dead, so expect a dead A-A' trail; one which will not be stroller, bike or pooch friendly – remember you'll be running for your lives!!

EXTRA DETAILS & RULES FOR THIS UNIQUE HASH: A virus that was spawned at the Jolly Roger H3 of Tampa FL has made its way to the West coast. A virus that now threatens to infect the hounds of the PH4!
At the Start of the hash: You will be given a lifeline to preciously hold onto as you try to survive the trail. However, you'll have zombie hares in quick pursuit minutes after the hash begins, trying to take & gobble up your precious lifeline… Also, at the start, you will be given a zombie infection indicator, which you will need to display if your precious lifeline has been taken from you.
Losing your life(line): Think of this as adult Tag. If you're tagged (aka touched – Oooo…) by a zombie, then you've now become infected and must hand over your lifeline to the zombie who tagged you.
Once your lifeline is taken: YOU become infected & turn into a zombie TOO! Once this happens, you will need to display your zombie infection indicator, so all of the other hounds know you have become infected. And as a newly infected zombie, you'll feel the sudden urge to take & gobble up the lifelines of the remaining survivors of the pack – So, give in to that urge! ;-P (HINT: Zombified hounds, you'll want to hold onto all the lifelines you acquire throughout the night…)
The BEER CHECK will be a SAFE ZONE, so the zombie infection CANNOT be spread or lifelines lost from the BN to the BC – Have no fear, you won't have to sacrifice your life in order to drink some yummy beer! Also, the surviving hounds will be allowed a 5-minute head start from the infected zombified hounds at the end of the Beer Check.
If you would like the added thrill of gambling with your lifeline, there will be a Shot Check on the trail; however, this will NOT be a safe zone! So, if you're a gambler, you can try your luck with indulging in a quick shot, while trying to keep your lifeline secure from the zombies… Bwahahaha…
At the end of the trail: There will be PRIZES for any Surviving Hounds (if any!!), and a PRIZE for the Zombified Hound who has taken the most lifelines – so you'll have more than just bragging rights! Feel free to make a necklace out of your acquired lifelines as well at the conclusion of the trail – haha… ;-)

On Just-Try-To-Survive! On,
The hungry Zombified Hares

Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:30pm – 10pm Pacific Time
PH4 Hash Calendar
Hare Raiser - creator

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