Reminder: PH4 #613 - 123 H3... A PH4 Sextravaganza! @ Wed Dec 12 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

12 12 12 Hump  Due to Senior Hare Big Shitter's presence required at the Great Hash of Rochester, and since we probably all have a little more time on this Earth, I am not putting my possessions in hoc to finance an end-of-it-all blowout.  Because of the momentous nature of the date (none of you will EVER be able to do a 12 12 12 again!), it is still gonna be special...

Hares: Hotbuns and one of his Bros.  Meet at Suki's Bar and Grill (2401 SW 4th Ave.  PDX).  Meet at 630 PM, hares off at 7 PM.  ORGY to follow...Trail A to B.  Bring a dry bag.  Patient whiners will be given rides back to start after religion, the rest of you are expected to jog, stumble or hitchhike the half mile back to where this debacle will have begun, from where we will celebrate on after.  Bring $5 Hash cash, headlamp, virgins, vessels.  Strollers not OK, adventure dogs are - just like on a Maxi trail.  Also bring predictions for 2013 - for it is comin'.  Sorry to disappoint, but I am fairly confident that the world ain't endin' 9 days after this hash, much to the disappointment of you Apocalypsephiles.  The Mayans were wrong about this one, and I'm willing to bet my life it!

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