Reminder: PH4 #612 - Heavy Flow Day, Itchy Slappy Hoe & Cocky Monster @ Wed Dec 5 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

PH4 #612 - Heavy Flow Day, Itchy Slappy Hoe & Cocky Monster
PH4 #: Go Fuck Yourself if you Don't Bring a Headlamp Hash.

Who: Heavy Flow Day & Itchy Slappy Hoe

What to Bring: $5 life insurance, headlamp, headlamp, a light for your head, shiggy socks, shiggy gloves, shiggy cloth, headlamp, dry cloth/ dry bag (you will get moist, dirty, definitely wet and you will get cum all over you. Headlamp....your fucking drinking cups for religion!

When: Dickcember 5th, 2012
Meet up @ 6:30, hares off @ 7:00 & pack off @ 7:15. A-A Prime.

Where: Underneath the newly erected Oregon City West Linn Bridge on 99E. A - A Prime.

Why: Best shiggy in Oregon City, and Itchy Slappy Hoe needed to be property deflowered because Headless Horse Man has no head and Heavy Flow Day won't be ditching religion to go salsa dancing!

On-After: McNutty and Barry's or if you are from the area "McNauthgy & Balls" On Main St. across from the Clackamas County Court House.

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