Reminder: PH4 #608 -- Insane Clown Proxy featuring Bum Poop @ Wed Nov 7 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

PH4 #608 -- Insane Clown Proxy featuring Bum Poop
Hare: Bum Poop
Hare's handler: America's Next Cock Model
Where: Terwilliger Fartknocker Park
SW Hamilton St & Terwilliger Blvd
Carpooling recommended. For the ~lucky few~ will park on the handful of spots available on Terwilliger, the others will have to park on Hamilton St or Hamilton Terrance which surround the park.
When: Meet @ 6:30, hare off at 6.9 o'clock, pack to follow at 7:15
Why: When asked, "Bum Poop, if you were to lay a trail in the style of Clownmydia, how would it look?" This is what I came up with ... a pavement pounder.
What: $5 hash cash, virgins, headlamp, an essence of Clownmydia, new shoes, kitty roca, Juggalos, a thirst for adventure and a hunger for beer. *A vessel* for Powerade (code 4 beer).
Trail is A - A'
Dogs OK. No bikes or strollers (unless you're Princess Poofter)
Bum Poop

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