Reminder: PH4 #601 Smells like fish hash #2 @ Wed Sep 19 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

Remember the days of playing Super Mario Bros. and taking Mario and Luigi on an adventure through the Mushroom Kingdom? Well come out and join the hash's very own duo through an awesome adventure through North Portland. Even just like the game, it starts out easy and gets harder and harder the further down the path you go. Except, there are no wrap tubes to let you hop all the way to the end. Come chase after us and enjoy the different terrains of St. Johns.

Who: Crab Shaft and Cock Lobster
Where: The Fixin' To @ 8218 North Lombard Street
When: Pre-Funk @ 6:30, Fishy Hares off @ 7, pack off @ 7:15
Trail: A-A', NOT Bike friendly. Vibrams and Dogs on the turkey trail ONLY
What: New shoes, bug spray, bum repellent, headlamps, single virgins for the Hares, clothes pins, a thirst for beer, and a love for the smell of fish.
On-After: Back at The Fixin' To

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