PH4 #577 - Oral Defense and Chubby Chaser

PH4 #577 - Oral Defense and Chubby Chaser

Cum one cum all as we celebrate two characters who want to jump you. Both carry eggs everywhere they go and have an insatiable sex drive.

Who: Oral Defense and Chubby Chaser
Where: Sam's Billiards (1845 NE 41st Ave. 97212)
When: Wednesday April 4th. Meet at 6:30pm, hares off at 7:00.
What: A to A dog friendly trail (except indoor start and on-in)
Bring: Headlamp, $5 hash cash, new shoes, rabbit ears, your lack of singing talent, new shoes, virgins, and your mom for some hot mother-daughter threesome action

Be sure to "relax your throat" and enjoy the choir practice following this short trail. Copies of the songs for choir practice will be handed out. Alley Cat (Phoenix H3, formerly PH4) also created an excellent mobile friendly site.

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