Reminder: PH4 #573 Maxi Pad deflours Nana I got a Banana @ Wed Mar 7 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

PH4 #573 Maxi Pad deflours Nana I got a Banana

Hares:Maxi Pad and virgin hare Nana I got a Banana

What:An A-A' hissing black cobra of shiggy and suffering. Or a unicorn. Yeah, a big pointy horse. up in the west hills.

When: Wednesday, March 7th. Meet at 6:30pm, Hares at 7, pack off at 7:15.

Where: NW Skyline at NW Royal blvd, 45.521292, -122.743050 , the parking lot for Willamette Stone Heritage Site. There's only space for about 20 cars so FUCKING CARPOOL. Better yet, take pubic transport. Bus #20, Stop ID 691.

Bring: Long Pants, Long socks, Pearl District walking maps, Shiggy Gloves, New shoes, big-titty virgins, $5 hash cash, headlamps, whistles, candles, black nail polish, NIN records, a love of old school slap stick humor, vessels, AND YOUR DUMB ASS IN A CARPOOL.

Don't bring: Yer babies in strollers,sniveling, yer two wheeled contraptions(unless to get to the start, then you get sexual favors), and if yer smart, don't bring yerself( alone, in your car, FUCKING CARPOOL! (We all share the same dicks, vaginas, and STD's let's share cars too)). If your pup is an adventure pup who can roll with some shiggy, bring it!

On-After: Matador, 1967 West Burnside Street Portland, OR 97209

And one more thing, FUCKING CARPOOL!

Wed Mar 7 6:30pm – 10pm Pacific Time
NW Skyline at NW Royal blvd, 45.521292, -122.743050 (map)
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