PH4 #576 - Whiskey Dick @ The Jolly Roger - SE

Hare: Whiskey Dick
When: March 28th, meet at 6:30 and Hare off at 7:00
Start: The Jolly Roger on 12th and se Madison
What to bring: $5 hash cash, headlamps, dog and bike friendly, hooker for the hare, extra food cart money for after, and your moms vagina for said headlamp :p
Trail: A-A'
On after is back at the Jolly Roger. Wednesdays from 8-11 pm they have $1 domestics and $2 micros with purchase of a $2 wrist band. Wristbands are only $1 if purchased before 8 pm. also be prepared for $1 Jello shots!
This trail has been specifically designed to compensate for the last few weeks of racist idiocy. It will resemble parts of Wiskey's personality and sex life....... straight forward, subtle with hints of awesomeness, mostly uneventful, drunken, laced with jello shots and shorter than you had hoped for!

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