Reminder: PH4 #565 Tiny Topless Dancer & Grab My Handlebars @ Wed Jan 11 6:30pm - 9:30pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

Why Late Detrails?:  Both hares have been humpin' every Wednesday for months and are now "late"......

Hares: Topless Tiny Dancer and Grab My Handlebars

Where: George Himes City Park in SW Portland– meet at the corner of SW Nebraska Street and SW Terwilliger Blvd 

When: Wednesday, January 11th 2012 – Meet at 6:30 pm…hares off at 7 pm 

What: A bouncy stroll through the spoils of the deep south(west), A-A, in order to get a taste of the city(parks) and a wee vacation from the same old shit(ty trail). 

How: Show up. But more than that, bring $5 hash cash, your virgins (and the revirginized), shiggy gloves, sense of adventure, tall socks, dry bag, Blue Jean Baby, LA Lady, thirst for PBR, silver lube (but only a little, it’s the good stuff), metronomes, headlamps, good news, out-of-towners, vessles for glu-tards, and an extra layer for when it hits freezing. 

On-After: Hillsdale Brewery and Public House at 1505 SW Sunset Blvd  Portland, OR 97239 (give us a break, there aren't a lot of choices in stumbling distance).

*Disclaimer: Toplessness of hounds is optional. Hares reserve the right to refuse service to...wait, wrong disclaimer...Hares reserve the right not to live up to the "topless" title, unless you ask nicely. 

**Disclaimer: Bottomless of hounds is also optional - wankers, you know who you are. 

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