PH4 - #563 - Going Down On Another Year With Our Mouths Wide Open

PH4 - #563 - Another Humpin' Hash Where: Rialto, 529 SW 4th Ave.
When: Wednesday at 6:30pm
Why: Because Hares got detrails in late again...
Bring: $5, headlamp
On After: At a bar.
...... okay onto the Hares detrails if you care.

PH4 - #563 - Going Down On Another Year With Our Mouths Wide Open

Who: All Ye Bimbos and Wankers, visitors, virgins, Trail prostitutes, anyone willing to show off their oral skills. Musically inclined encouraged, all those thirsting for beer and song welcum

What: Cum join our Aural Sects & Aurally, Orally, Whore-ly Sing in the New Year. Your XXX-steamed Hares Pump Me Dry and Barney Balls, PH4 masters of the microphone will lead you on your merry way through this Music Themed Hash. These two cunning linguists are preparing a medley of medleys... Be ready to join in on some original remakes, lyrics will be made available and the songs should be fairly obvious for most. If we don't hear something cumming out of your mouth, we have many a volunteer to ensure something cumming in your mouth!!! We are so sure of our skills, or is it that we are too fucking lazy after fattening up during the holidays, that this is "Unscouted Territory," Unlike most of your halfmind bedroom guests, WHAT WE LAY IS LIVE!!! A to A prime (0.4 miles away, chill you lazy fucks)

Where/When: Starts @ at the Rialto, 529 SW 4th Ave, Downtown Portland. Meet up 6:30pm, Hares off at 7:00pm, Symphony of Howling Hounds to follow at 7:15pm

Bring: Assorted trail instruments, Snuggle's tiny violin, any music themed clothing, The New Shoes you got for Christmas, Virgins, Sluts (or is this redundant?), Maestro coats, G-strings, conductor batons, $5 HASH CASH, Shiggy socks, vessels, clothes in case it rains, NO DRY CAR, IDs and needed on trail, Dog and Wheel chair accessible, No stroller because children should not be drinking

Why: Do you really need a reason...??? Well then, this is the last chance of the Year for you to try to wet you whistle, and by whistle I mean cock, and by wet I mean have sex with some willing and more than able Bimbo, who will likely chew you up, spit you out, and leave you limping home in tears... Live the Dream you Wankers, Live the Dream!!!

On After: at the Boiler Room, 228 NW Davis St: Known for its 7 DAY A WEEK KARAOKE, This Hump night is not for the faint of heart, Russian Roulette Karaoke is the name of the game, meaning, if you want to sing, your name will get picked... BUTT... Another chosen name will be choosing your song. So think about what songs you want to hear. I already know (Because I make the rules) that Buster Hymen will be performing a leg opening rendition of "Groove Is In The Heart."

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