Reminder: PH4# 556 Smells Like Fish Hash @ Wed Nov 9 6:30pm - 10pm (PH4 Hash Calendar)

PH4# 556 Smells Like Fish Hash

Come join your fishy brother and sister half minds in deflouring Cock Lobster on an A-A' trail through some of the smelliest parts of town and drink beer by everyone's favorite river. You may want to study up on your knowledge of how crustaceans deflour each' definitely interesting!
Who: Crab Shaft, Double Hoe 7: International Clam of Mystery, and Barnacle Box deflour Cock Lobster.
When: Wednesday November 9th. Meet up at 6:30, hares off at 7, hounds off soon after.
Where: Burnside Skatepark, SE 2nd Ave under the Burnside Bridge.
What: $5 hash cash, ID on trail, bum repellent, clothespins, Febreeze, headlamps, fish food, tartar and cocktail sauce, flashlights, and non-smelly virgins to ordorize. 2-wheeled, 4-legged, and decapod friendly.
On-After: JOQ's on Broadway at 2512 NE Broadway Street, where Crab Shaft W's.
Wed Nov 9 6:30pm – 10pm Pacific Time
25 SE 2nd Ave Portland, OR (map)
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