PH4# 558 He Shot, She Came but he didn’t Score in her Barnacled Box

" Cum see if Shoots finally scores thru her Barnacled Box. ...behind us to the... Garden of Headon Highlights include: Statues, Florals, Chickens and I'm told its a Beautiful area.

 Where: On start: 2321 NW Thurman (I used to work in Portland the old furniture store...)

 When: Wednesday November 23. Meet up at 6:30pm, hares off at 7pm. A-B (~.5 miles from start to finish) Dry car and transport back to start. 2 wheel ok, 4 legged not ok.

 Who: Shoots gets fluffed by the mysterious Hareola while attempting to finally anchor BBox... What: $5 hash cash, barnacle scrapers, shoots attractant, nipple scissors, headlamps, whistles, and a large hoop (Aka- a vessel).

 On-After: On after Joe s Cellar-1332 Northwest 21st Avenue Portland, OR 97209. Great late night spot: spacious, good grubbing, cock-in-a-glass, pool and our addition...a hoard of half minds.

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