TGIF - 9/9/11

What: TGIF / surprise hash ($1 hash cash needed) / roller skating!
When: Friday, September 9th, 2011, 5:30ish
Where: The Muddy Rudder, 8105 SE 7th Ave & Rose City Rollers, 7805 Southeast Oaks Park Way

Once in a great while an opportunity presents itself that is so big Can't Finish, in all his excitement, is forced to sport a special pair of latex underwear that both protects against unwanted boners & prevents his man juice from finding its way into unexpected virgins. I'm talking about 8 straight days of hashing! Now I know what you're thinking, "But, Fridays are for TGIF (& fucking)." And you're right, however, your humble hash ass is offering up a special hash for those die hards who feel they have what it takes to complete 8 consecutive days of hashing.
Trail will be A-B. Completely auto hashed. We will drive from the on start (The Muddy Rudder) to the On-In. Religion will be as long or short as we want, followed by rollerskating at the Oaks Park rink. Remember, Oaks Park is for kids and their moms, so it's up to you to bring your own alcohol in the form of a flask. We will be celebrating a secret hashers 11th year anniversary of buying beer for minors.

Your humble hash ass,
~Flaming Hetero

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